Convergence Marketing

Convergence is the perfect balance of Brand and Direct, essential to reach today’s savvy customer through all electronic media.

“Convergence is the new order of the day. Richard Rosen sounds a clarion call for those in the C-suite to realize there is a new way to go to market. It’s all here in this marvelously insightful look at the new reality.”

Stan Rapp, founder of the RAPP agency and author of MaxiMarketing

“Smart clients know that everything they do – no matter which department drives it – will impact not just their short term business performance but the long term viability of their brand. This book offers a framework for building a much-needed bridge between the linear and shorter-term side of the corporate marketing brain with the more image-driven, longer-term brand building process. No brand can survive without both. Great brands thrive by removing the hard edge between them and aligning both sides within one framework – the brand itself.”

Scott Bedbury, Author of A New Brand World: 8 Principles for Achieving Brand Leadership in the 21st Century; founder of Brandstream; former marketing executive for Starbucks & Nike

“Finally, a common sense approach to contemporary marketing and advertising! Convergence Marketing provides a clear, useful and uncommonly intelligent view of how all forms of communication can work together … because to the consumer it is all advertising, regardless of the form. This is a must read for anyone who needs to understand how to best evaluate all the ways of reaching and moving the consumer.”

Jerry I. Reitman, Executive Vice President (retired),
The Leo Burnett Company;
author of Beyond 2000: The Future of Direct Marketing

“Marketing is always about selling something, whether it is selling pure brand image or discounted soap bars. Richard Rosen really gets this, and his Rosen Velocity Scale™ is one of the best tools I have seen to describe the marketing & sales continuum. In Convergence Marketing, it all comes together and this is a must-read for all serious marketing professionals.”

Patrik Riese, Marketing Director, General Motors Nordic

“Very relevant for today’s advertising and marketing executives who struggle with finding solutions that meet both brand and sales objectives. Rosen’s Velocity Scale™ is an effective analytical tool to improve your investment and creative decision-making skills. Valuable to anyone interested in making brand advertising far more accountable.”

Becky Chidester, CEO of Wunderman Health

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