Richard believes in the power of empathetic dialogue. It’s a dynamic way to invigorate your brand and create a long-term relationship with your customer.

When you really listen to what your customers love and hate about your brand, you can begin that essential dialogue with them, and create a conversation that builds their trust, and ultimately form a lasting relationships. You give your customers what they want, and they become loyal to your brand.

Richard has spent his life doing just that.

It’s the convergence thing — the perfect balance that sparks customers to interact with your brand.

“Rosen combines real world experience with visionary thinking to create an actionable road map to marketing success.”

Ian Oxman, President @ Oxman Consulting

Richard on the old vs new model for making profit.

“Marketing is always about selling something, whether it is selling pure brand image or discounted soap bars. Richard Rosen really gets this, and his Rosen Velocity Scale™ is one of the best tools I have seen to describe the marketing and sales continuum.”

Patrik Riese, Country Manager, Volkswagen Financial Services South Africa,
and fmr. Marketing Director, General Motors Nordic

Richard invented a tool to help you predetermine the strength of every communication, no matter the media.

It’s called the Rosen Velocity Scale™ – get it? Velocity??